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Dec 12, 2017

Pat Dane is a proven executive and entrepreneur with a 30 year track record of identifying and launching over a dozen successful Technology Companies & Products. Pat has Consulted to major brands like Netflix, Symantec, Microsoft, eFax, HP, and Intel. Among his major accomplishments include the pioneering of Virus updates that reside on over a Billion Computers Worldwide, the development of the marketing channel resulting from the virtual registration of personal computers and consumer products with their Manufacturers on over 8 Billion products Worldwide and the launch of and use of a Mouse, Icons and Ethernet Networking at the Xerox PARC. Pat has significant experience on Capitol Hill and over 7,800 First Connections on LinkedIn.


Pat Dane

Managing Director, Pat Dane, LLC  


(cell) 910-547-0002

(eFax) 707-221-3499


Twitter @PatDane