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Dec 19, 2017

Reginald Grant, MSEd is the leader of the team that has re-launched, a company focused on the conversion of eSports (Gamification), in Sports and Education. Build with the firm belief that in today’s technology-driven society that "thoughts and ideas are the most valuable commodity on the planet." “Intellectual Property”, “IP." is the currency of tomorrow. Reginald is a former professional athlete and is considered a leading expert on urban education and teaching African American Males. His books include “Thoughts of An Urban Teacher” (2017), “Success Stories Insights by African American Men” (2016) “ and more.  

Reginald Grant, MSEd
Author, Teacher, Culturally Inclusive Curriculum Specialist 
"Thoughts of An Urban Teacher" 2017
"Success Stories, Insights by African American Men" 2017 ( Student Textbook)
"Effective Mentoring in the 21st Century" 2017 (Workbook)