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Dec 21, 2017

Born and raised in Bloomington, Indiana. Bachelor of Arts in History, and a Masters in Sport Management and Athletic Administration - both degrees from Indiana University. Married to Lisa for 27 years. Two kids, Ethan and Emma, both attending Indiana University in Bloomington.

I am the local Sales Manager for WBWB-FM & WHCC-FM in Bloomington, Indiana. Been with the company since September, 2011. I sell for the two top commercial radio stations in South-Central Indiana. WBWB-FM is Top 40 format, formed in 1978; WHCC-FM is a Modern Country format, and the home of Indiana University sports (Football Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, and Baseball) broadcasts.

With traditional B2B sales, I am a strong believer in relationship-based business dealings. I try to work on building relationships with people instead of using traditional sales tactics. As enough people in my market have gotten to know, like, and trust me, sales have become much easier. I try to be highly knowledgeable, authentic, show genuine concern, and exude honesty with the people I deal with. I work in a consultative fashion, more than try to push my services and products on people. Always deliver the highest level of Customer Service (Customer Experience) possible.