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Feb 20, 2018

   Born and raised in NC, graduated HS, attended NCS University.  Married, with two children, one in college at James Madison in VA.

Started working for a staffing company in NC.  Discovered that I like working in this business because it enables me to meet new people; and I like the fast pace that it offers.  I never get bored in my work here.

One of my main values is helping others. Furthermore, I like being a part of people lives in ways that helps them make progress for themselves and their families. Working is very important to me and by helping others in my work results in me having enjoyable and worthwhile career.I like connecting with clients, prospects, and customers.

I believe companies are always looking new and better talent for their organizations, particular today. .  I want to help them do this successfully, then, perhaps it will translate into a new opportunity for someone who is wanting work or a change in their career by coming to Express.   I strive to be the “bridge” for a relationship to begin between an employee and employer.

I can be reached by emailing me at or call  me at  864.234.9945. I am also on LinkedIn.